PocketScan - The perfect study companion

Study efficiently. 

Scan and compile different sources into one document.

Collecting information from various sources? Whether you’re preparing a thesis or a course summary, PocketScan easily scans parts from different books and articles. From here, you can put instantly edit content and put key points together in one electronic document. PocketScan gives you the flexibility to combine and rearrange your handwritten and digital notes quickly. 


Save time. 
Scan with text recognition and quickly edit paperwork.

Scan and instantly edit text, charts or images with PocketScan. Integrated OCR lets you transform text or tables on paper straight into editable content on Word or Excel. Or export your scan directly to PDF and take advantage of the text search function. With PocketScan, you can spend less time on workflow, and more time studying!


Stay organized.
Scan and arrange your coursework.

Lectures, projects, papers, assignments… there’s a lot to keep track of. With PocketScan, you can scan separate coursework and easily organize it into digital folders. Turn scribbled notes from Calculus 101 into high quality digital copies. Or did you miss a lecture? Scan your friend’s notes quickly. PocketScan is small and easy to use, making it simple to digitize paper and stay organized!