Dacuda ScanMouse

Dacuda ScanMouse
ScanMouse - a computer mouse combined with a scanner
  • Scan images, texts & tables within seconds
  • Save your scans as pdf / jpg / doc etc.
  • Built-in text recognition; 400dpi quality
  • All features of a computer mouse
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ScanMouse has all the features of a computer mouse combined with a high performance scanner.  

Scan any document just by swiping over it with ScanMouse. Instant OCR recognizes text and tables so you can directly edit in Word or Excel. Within seconds, you can create a digital copy of any document and save it in various file formats.


System Requirements:

PC with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 (32bit/64bit)
Mac with OS X 
Graphics card: 512 MB or more
RAM: 4 GB (1 GB free)
OpenGL-Version: 2.0, min. 1.5
Free Disk Space: 4 GB
USB: 2.0, 3.0

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